Featured Alumni


Tim Chabot, Taftville, CT

Trips: CondorClassic; Classic Shortie; High Andes Adventure; Argentina Powder Triangle; Hokkaido Japow

“It’s hard to put in words my experience with CASA. The same as a picture not doing something any justice, words cannot describe the EPIC adventure of my CASA vacations. From the skiing to the people and the cultural experience of Chile and Argentina, it is just a phenomenal experience. The ultimate ski tour vacation, hands down. Always the best guides, drivers, lodging, fellow guests, food, drink, and pow. Push yourself to your limits on and off-piste. Not knowing what to expect on my first trip with CASA, I soon discovered that I had just met some life long ski buddies who share the same ski hard play hard mentality that I have. Couldn’t ask for a better experience.”


Randy Scott, California, USA

Trips: High Andes Adventure; Explore Patagonia; Hokkaido Japow

“I have traveled with CASA for the last three years. The trips are great fun: good skiing, nice accommodations, and excellent food. Dave ‘Gomez’ Johnson, owner and lead guide, is very customer oriented and does everything reasonably possible to make sure that his guests have a good time. While the skiing is the main purpose of the trip; I really like the exposure to the people and the culture of South America. I highly recommend CASA for a real South American ski adventure.”


Patty Lukasavage, Seattle, WA

Trip: Endless Winter

“Going on a Casa Tours trip was one of the best experiences of my life! I participated in the Endless Winter trip and it was everything I hoped for and more. Gomez and his staff see to it that everyone is able to enjoy the maximum amount of turns at their skill level and in their comfort zone. The scenery is beautiful, the food delicious and the locals friendly and accommodating. I have definitely decided that this will be an annual adventure and can’t wait to conquer more of the Southern Hemisphere!”


Peter & Sara Miller, Bozeman, MT

Trip: Classic Shortie

“I went on the Classic Shortie with my wife, Sara. What an amazing adventure. Highlights for us include the Miguel Torres Vineyard and riding at Nevados de Chillan. Some of the best lines of our life! If you’re on the fence about going, GO!!!!! I can’t wait to check out Argentina.”


                              James Crowley, Brookline, MA

                                      Trip: Andes Explorer

“My CASA Tours trip was an experience beyond anything I signed up for.  I went for a ski trip and ended up receiving an immersion into the culture of the region and a completely different lifestyle, one that I never would have been able to realize if we had embarked on our own.  I skied some of the best lines of my life, experienced some of the best après, met some of the best people, and ate some of the best food.  My biggest regret is that I could not stay for Gomez’s next tour to Argentina!”


                              Mike Wall, Calgary, Alberta

                                       Trip: High Andes Adventure

“My CASA Tours trip was a most excellent adventure!  Ripping, non-stop adventure, and CASA took care of every detail, so I could just focus on riding and relaxing.  The mountains, the apres, the accommodations, the transportation; all tip top.  I didn’t need anything more.”


                               Chris Pappas, Brookline, MA.

                                        Trip: Andes Explorer

“The trip was incredible. Beyond the skiing, just so many good times. Far exceeded all expectations. The runs were superb. Guiding was on point (it’s a talent to constantly be timing the snow, and surfing the softest cream cheese all day). I honestly would have pulled back on so many of those runs, so I appreciate you pushing it. BEST RUNS OF MY LIFE. The accommodations were topnotch. Loved the cabañas in Las Trancas and the Powder Lodge was bodacious. The restaurant line up was delicious. We really felt like we were immersed in the Chilean culture. The culinary highlight was definitely the restaurant we drove out to in Los Andes. The place was unbelievably unique, and yet another reason I don’t think you’d ever get a similar experience going it alone, or with another guide. Without question, Gomez and Alex made the trip. Awesome people to hang out with, ridiculously knowledgeable, and most importantly savauges. The nights we did go out, I had an absolute blast. I think the true difference between going with CASA Tour’s vs the “other guys” (and I mean, beyond surfing the freshest lines) is fully embracing the true laidback attitude skiing embodies. You’re not on some corporate tour; you’re just skiing. It’s a lifestyle, and I love that CASA just gets it. Thanks for a hell of a trip!”


                             Jasmine Roth, Hermosa Beach, CA

                                     Trip: Andes Explorer

“My trip was a total immersion into the world of Chilean culture through the eyes of some die-hard skiers/snowboarders.  It was awesome!  This trip was all about the powder (which we found) but also a great peek into the porthole of life in Chile and South America.  The food was incredible, every meal better than the next!  The lodging was local, very clean, private, well-appointed.  Chile has a rustic charm that makes you slow down, relax, let the guides take control, and really be “along for the ride” which although I was initially hesitant about, eventually allowed me to explore Chile like I never would have on my own.  From the moment I arrived, the guides had my best interest as their top priority and it showed.  Their helpfulness was unrelenting!  Be it Spanish translation, meal preferences, historical info on the region, avalanche safety, getting around the various mountains – to finding the perfect souvenir…they were great!  This trip far exceeded my expectations and I will be back :-)”