CASA Tours Transportation

We believe the most important element to a great trip is a safe trip. Whether it is getting to and from the mountain on snowy roads or traveling through the country we put our professional drivers behind the wheel. Our skilled drivers know the roads, routes and conditions allowing you to kick back and enjoy the scenery, zone out, nap or catch a movie, and enjoy those après ski beers without worry. Our drivers are an integral part of our adventures and I could not be prouder of the job they do. They add a great deal to the cultural element of our journeys sharing their countries’ local customs, slang, food, and off the beaten track treasures.

Our groups travel in Mercedes Benz Sprinter vans that are owned by our local drivers. We have ample space to carry those second pair of skis or board. While public transportation in South America is excellent it is difficult and costly to shuttle those last miles to the local snow centers. Renting vehicles in Chile is particularly expensive with gasoline prices regularly +7USD/Gallon and average toll prices are $3.50USD. In addition staying in the towns we visit rather than at the resorts we have an opportunity to experience the local culture more without the stress of having to drive.