Skiing in Chile Destinations

With over 4000 miles of coastline, Chile is as long as the United States is wide. Between the barren Atacama Desert to the North and the vast fjords and glaciers to the South, lie Chile’s fertile central valleys, high Andes peaks, and Jurassic Park like lakes and volcanoes region. With so many diverse landscapes and large Pacific coast weather systems unloading on the western slopes of the Andes make Chile an ideal snow playground from early July through September.

CASA Tours skis and snowboards at 8 Chile destinations. In Chile’s central Andes, characterized by its high peaks including Aconcagua, the tallest peak in the Americas, we make stops at Valle El Arpa, Chile’s only snowcap operation; Portillo, South America’s 1st ski resort; and the Tres Valles complex of El Colorado, La Parva, and Valle Nevado. All of these areas feature high alpine Andes terrain with base elevations near 8000 feet.

Heading south into Chile’s ‘Ring of Fire’ are the volcanic based ski resorts Nevados de Chillan, Corralco and Ski Pucon. Each resort operates on the slopes of massive volcanoes. Nevados de Chillan, arguably our favorite resort to ski Chile, features lunar like terrain, abundant snowfall and access to wide-open backcountry. On the flanks of Volcan Lonquimay and surrounded by forests of thousand year old araucaria trees is Corralco. The adventure fueled lake retreat, Pucon, accesses the most active volcano in Chile, Villarrica. Its lava-spewing summit is a brilliant contrast to its snow covered slopes. Check out our Chile destinations!

  • Arpa

    Arpa’s alpine wonderland will set your spirit free. Unparalleled terrain and excellent high altitude snow conditions create an Andean snow adventure you will never forget. Arpa is a skiers and snowboarders paradise featuring 1000-meter descents, no crowds, and limitless touring potential.
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  • Chillan

    Nevados de Chillan holds a special place in the heart of CASA Tours owners, guides, and guests. This mountain is responsible for more epic powder days, adrenaline-inducing lines, and “Best run ever!” exclamations than any other resort in South America. Chillan’s lunaresque terrain, wide-open backcountry, un-crowded slopes, laid back mountain scene, and consistent snow conditions make it one of the best big-mountain ski & snowboard destinations in the world.

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  • El Colorado

    Although El Colorado receives far less attention than its neighbors, its conical volcanic peak reaches 3333 meters (10,935 feet) and its south facing slopes have an impressive 906 meter (2971 feet) vertical drop with over 2500 acres of terrain evenly suited for advanced, intermediate and beginning skiers and snowboarders. The Cono Este lift accesses El Colorado’s steepest and deepest terrain and provides awesome views of the surrounding Andes.

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  • La Parva

    Favored by the Santiago elite, La Parva is the place to be seen in Tres Valles. It is also the place to test your meddle in steep couloirs, like La Chimenea, rip long high speed cruisers, and reap the spoils of untracked powder bowls. La Parva’s northerly facing terrain basks in the sun making for great spring corn skiing conditions and a vibrant deck scene.

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  • Lonquimay

    The basic Corralco ski center sits at the base of Volcan Lonquimay in the heart of Chile’s aruacaria forests. The dinosaur era Aruacaria trees, also known as ‘monkey puzzle’ trees, arouse the imagination and evoke images of skiing through the pages of a Dr. Seuss book. 2 simple lifts service the wide-open southeastern flanks of Volcan Lonquimay. Corralco is blessed with plentiful snowfall, over 3000 acres of terrain and minimal crowds.

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  • Portillo

    Portillo is nestled high up in the Andes on the border between Argentina and Chile and 25 miles from the base of Aconcagua, the highest peak in the Americas. Portillo began developing its ski center in the 1930’s and has since become the most famous ski resort in South America. In 1966 Portillo held the first and only Alpine World Ski Championships in the Southern hemisphere.

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  • Pucon

    Located in the heart of Chile’s “Lakes District” and considered Chile’s adventure capital, Pucon serves as our base to ski and snowboard the majestic Villarrica Volcano. Surrounded by stunning volcanic peaks, enormous lakes and Jurassic Park like Araucaria forests, Pucon is a natural paradise. The 2,847 meter (9,350 feet) Volcan Villarrica is the most active volcano in Chile, one of the 10 most active volcanoes in the world and one of only four volcanoes worldwide known to have an active lava lake within its crater.

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  • Valle Nevado

    Valle Nevado is the newest and grandest of the Tres Valles resorts. Sporting Chile’s only detachable quad and a five star hotel at its base area, Valle Nevado attracts a very international crowd that enjoy its expansive intermediate focused terrain. Valle Nevado features huge wide-open slopes amidst spectacular mountain scenery.

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